Getting Ready for The Big Crafty (cont)

In my inbox today I found the Vendor Details email from Brandy and Justin.  Daffodil Corner and Happy Whosits will be in booth 10 this year, in front of the Biltmore building.  This is on the opposite side of Pack Place from the Art Museum.  I’m a little nervous about being so far away from where the action is.  I think this side also gets more direct sun, so it may hotter.

The instructions also included time slots for unloading, based upon booth number.  Of course booths 1-29 are first!  The plus is that we get more time to set-up.  The downside is what time I have to leave home to be there before 9:30 AM! 

I printed off all the instructions. Then I mapped out my route via Google maps and printed that too (I haven’t driven to Asheville from here before).  Lastly I printed out the ‘bring show list’ Sue and I use to double check when packing the car.  With Sue in Charlotte and me two and a half hours northwest, coordination is essential.  For example, I have the tent, weights, table covers.  Sue has the tables, chairs and cash box.

The link to NC Sales tax info in the instructions reminded me to check the rate for Buncombe County.  It’s 6.75%.  Some counties in NC have higher rates, so it’s always good to double check.

Then I got back to tagging the inventory that I started yesterday.

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  1. Ah the fun begins — now HappyWhosits can start her countdown too!


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