The Day After

The day after a craft show is filled with so many emotions; from exhilaration to disappointment, excitement to exhaustion, renewal to questioning if you have chosen the right path.  While all these are valid reactions, try to avoid extremes.   All craft fairs and art festivals are learning experiences, whether hugely successful or ‘a marketing opportunity’.  Take some time to put this experience in perspective.

What was it about the venue that made it a success or a failure in your eyes?  Accessibility, advertising, entrance fee, booth layout, parking availability.  Were you the only vendor in your niche or just one of many?  Were there only handmade vendors, or were buy/sell items displayed in many booths?   Consider these factors when choosing which shows to apply to in the future.

What did you learn about what you sell?  Too much inventory, too little?  Not enough color choices or sizes?  Too many?  Need more selection or were customers so overwhelmed by the choices they had trouble deciding?  How about your prices?  Did you sell out in no time because buyers couldn’t believe the bargains, or did they put items down once they checked the price tag?  There is always some of that, but if everyone does it, perhaps it’s time to revisit your pricing strategy.

How did your display look?  Did you take pictures?  Now is a good time to make note of what worked and what didn’t.  Determine what new display items you may want for the next show.  I’ve included a few of ones Daffodil Corner and Happy Whosits used at The Big Crafty.

If you had a fantastic show, congratulations!  Get busy replenishing that inventory.  But remember, there are probably still things you can do to improve for the next one. 

If you just about broke even, don’t despair.  Objectively look at the reasons the results weren’t what you hoped for.   Plan to adjust what is in your control to do something about.  For example, record breaking high temperatures in Asheville isn’t something I can control.  But I can have a more varied selection of critters for shoppers to choose from.

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  1. Wow. Beautiful blog and beautiful booth. I hope you did well!

  2. I’ve never done a craft show or fair before. Looks terrifying and exciting at the same time! Your booth looks great and I hope you did well and didn’t melt in the heat! 🙂

  3. Hello. Visiting from the Interactive Blog Team, Etsy. Like Chatter Blossom, I’ve never done a craft show. Thanks for the tips. Your display looks great!


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