Forewarning – this is not the usual, cheerful, crafty post.  I’ve had a bad day.

Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease.  Not only does it rob a person of memories and the knowledge to perform simple, routine tasks for oneself, it causes changes in personality and demeanor.  A competent, highly intelligent woman who was very sociable has been turned into the wicked witch of the west, cursing at staff and abusing other residents.

Today I met with four members of the nursing home staff, who told me I have to find someplace else for my mother.  They feel she needs to be in a specialized Alzheimer’s unit. 

So the search begins.

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  1. (((hugs))) to you and your mother. I’m so sorry. Alzheimer’s is horrible.

  2. I’m so sorry, for both of you. Sending so much love.

  3. There are no words I have to express my feelings, yet I empathize with painful situations beyond our control. May you be blessed with a better facility to care for your Mother. May you be blessed with peace of mind. ~Dixie

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your mother, it is indeed a cruel illness, I sincerely hope you find somewhere you are both comfortable with.


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