Trees, Flowers and Visitors

The High Country, as this part of North Carolina is called, is beautiful at all times of the year.  These pictures capture the end of summer.

I have hanging baskets and planters full of Petunias and Geraniums on my front porch.  We love to sit on the porch swing in the evening and enjoy the bright colors.  And although I’ve been told it’s too cold here in the winter for Crepe Myrtles to survive, you can see I have a beautiful, full rose red one planted at the end of my flower beds.

This plant is a weed, but the gold finches love it.  I’ve counted as many as six of them feeding off this one plant at any one time.

We have lots of four legged critters around here, too.  This summer we have gotten to watch these twin fawns and their momma.  We usually see them early in the morning in the cemetery next door, and at the bottom of our yard many evenings.  You can see the morning fog hanging over the cemetery in these pictures.  The deer are quite tame, and cute, but they like to eat my veggies, rose bushes and phlox.  I do hope the hunters leave them alone this Fall.


It’s Mountain Day!

I went to a small, liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania – Juniata College.  Juniata has a wonderful tradition that dates back over 100 years.  Each Fall, a day is set aside for students and faculty to enjoy Nature’s change of colors, the crisp air, good food and one another.  It’s called Mountain Day.

Mountain Day is never announced in advance.  You get up one glorious September or October morning, and there it is.  Classes are canceled.  The location (usually one of the local state parks) is announced.  Transportation is provided.  When you get there, you can do whatever you want.  Relax, enjoy the company of friends, hike the trails, or find a comfy spot under a tree to read a book or watch Nature.

Lunch is a big picnic, with the usual fried chicken, baked beans and so forth.  The day ends with a huge tug of war game, usually pitting the classes against each other.

Fall Mountain Day has grown beyond the confines of the Juniata campus.  With the advent of email and social media, Mountain Day is announced far and wide.  Alumni are encouraged to find a way to have their own Mountain Day celebrations.

Word went out this morning.  Today is Mountain Day, 2012!  Enjoy!

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