Daffodil Corner was at the summer version, and has applied for the December one. Hope to see you there.


This December in Asheville, NC indie artists and crafters will gather to offer their handmade goods at the city’s Big Crafty event. I attended the summer version of this event this year. If the group on December 2, 2012 live up to this summer’s offerings there will be a wide variety of beautiful arts and crafts to choose from. My special favorite from this summer was the “Hipster Bear” by Let’s Be Friends.
Concrete Lace also caught my attention with their letter pressed cards with vivid colors and available in several languages.
The crafts weren’t the only thing that caught my attention. Local food vendors attended the Big Crafty supplying tasty options. We stopped for a hummus plate from the Lebanese inspired Gypsy Queen Cuisine food truck. Yum! (and the truck is lovely!) After exploring the entirety of Pack Place where the event is held my friends and I…

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American Craft Week October 5 – 14

In its third year, American Craft week celebrates those who make things with their hands.  It celebrates tradition, excellence in craftsmanship, good design and quality materials.  Supporting local crafters supports the local economy, creates jobs, and enriches our communities.

Various communities across the country have activities planned for American Craft Week.  Check out what’s going on in your area.

 I’m proud to say Western North Carolina is leading the way.  Check it out here:  www.americancraftweek.com/wnc.

Bath or Shower?

I just spent a lovely Sunday morning scrubbing the bathroom, and after twisting my body in contortionist positions trying to scrub the garden tub, I wondered again how many people actually ever use one?

I am a shower kind of person.  I like a nice big shower, preferably with a seat or ledge in it so I can rest my foot on it while shaving my legs.  I like the feel of the water cascading over my head when I wash my hair.  I like to set the shower head on a pulsating spray so I can massage my back and shoulders.  And I like to feel clean when I am done, meaning I have rinsed away all the soap residue.

I am not comfortable sitting in the tub.  I mean, it’s hard, ya know?  The top of me gets cold. If I slide down in the tub to get most of me under the water, I’m in an awkward position and it makes my back hurt.  In romance novels, the heroine always has a bubble bath, with candles lit, a glass of wine and good book.  Bubbles baths were fun as a kid, but now my skin is really sensitive to all that stuff.  Not to mention that I’ve never successfully managed to read in the tub without getting my book wet.

I do make use of the tub.  I put plants in it when I have to bring them in for winter.  I dry clothes.  I have a friend who uses hers as a hamper for the dirty towels. 

So, what’s your preference – bath or shower?  And why?

Remembering 9-11

Earlier today I was reading an Etsy forum thread in which many people shared what they were doing eleven years ago today.  I found it very moving, and it brought back lots of memories, thoughts and feelings.

I was at work when it happened.  Many of us managers were in a required management training class.  When we took a break half way through the morning is when I found out.  The class continued, so I didn’t really get to find out details, or see pictures until I got home that evening.

I remember thinking that I had never gotten around to visiting the World Trade Center.  I remembered when it was built, and took over ‘tallest building’ label from the Empire State building.

I remember my daughter, a freshman in college, being scared and calling me for reassurance.

I remember so many people donating blood that wasn’t needed after all.

I remember watching the same images over and over on TV; the hole in the side of the World Trade Center, the plumes of black smoke, the towers falling, the ash everywhere.

I remember seeing people on the streets with pictures of loved ones, asking if anyone had seen them.

I remember the feelings of pride and gratitude for those brave men on an airplane over Pennsylvania who made a difference. 

I remember thinking “How could this happen?  In the USA?” And what is going to happen next?

I remember being thankful for the outpouring of support from other countries around the world. 

I was impressed by the mayor of New York City, and the men and women of the police and fire departments who went into those buildings, having to know they probably wouldn’t come out again.  They were so brave.

I remember thinking how New Yorkers always acted like New York was the center of the universe, and for that day, it was.

I remember thinking how quiet it was with no planes in the skies, no contrails from the jet engines.

Remembrance is a good thing.  It helps to put today into perspective. 

September 11, 2001 is a day we will never forget.

Lemondrop the Snail is on display now through December. See all the other wonderful creations from women in WNC.


Hand made in America is happy to announce a new display at the I-26 Welcome Center!

Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, American Craft Week + Crimson Laurel, all have new displays, as well as our Appalachian Women Entrepreneurs.

I created a Business Directory for all the members, so visitors know about so many of fantastic women business owners in WNC. Thank you to all the women who contributed work to the display. I think it looks fantastic!

The address is I-26 @ mile marker 6 Mars Hill, NC 28754 and the phone number is 828.689.4257, if you want to go see it!

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