Bath or Shower?

I just spent a lovely Sunday morning scrubbing the bathroom, and after twisting my body in contortionist positions trying to scrub the garden tub, I wondered again how many people actually ever use one?

I am a shower kind of person.  I like a nice big shower, preferably with a seat or ledge in it so I can rest my foot on it while shaving my legs.  I like the feel of the water cascading over my head when I wash my hair.  I like to set the shower head on a pulsating spray so I can massage my back and shoulders.  And I like to feel clean when I am done, meaning I have rinsed away all the soap residue.

I am not comfortable sitting in the tub.  I mean, it’s hard, ya know?  The top of me gets cold. If I slide down in the tub to get most of me under the water, I’m in an awkward position and it makes my back hurt.  In romance novels, the heroine always has a bubble bath, with candles lit, a glass of wine and good book.  Bubbles baths were fun as a kid, but now my skin is really sensitive to all that stuff.  Not to mention that I’ve never successfully managed to read in the tub without getting my book wet.

I do make use of the tub.  I put plants in it when I have to bring them in for winter.  I dry clothes.  I have a friend who uses hers as a hamper for the dirty towels. 

So, what’s your preference – bath or shower?  And why?

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