Valle Country Fair 2 Weeks Away

Two weeks from today!  The Valle Country Fair!

Here are pictures of the site where the fair will take place, just off route 194 South.  As you can see, the trees are starting to turn.  Hopefully, they will be in full color on October 20th.  These fields will be a mass of white tents, cars and lots and lots of people.


In addition to all the wonderful and unique crafts for sale, there is also entertainment, from cloggers to bluegrass music to traditional mountain storytelling.  Some delicious food is available, as well as apple cider, made right there on the fair grounds.



If you are going to be in the Boone, NC area that day, please do visit the fair.  And come see Daffodil Corner and Happy Whosits!



Happy Fall Y’all!

Today is the first day of Autumn.  It’s a gorgeous day here in the High Country.  Sun is shining, temp in the 70s.  It’s a great day to take the dogs to the park, go to a college football game or check out an apple festival.

To celebrate the Equonox, I’ll share some of the Fall themed items in my Etsy shop.

Afghans and Baby Blankets

   Now that the weather is turning cooler, and the official start of Autumn is just a few days away, it’s time to think about all that baby yarn just waiting to be made into afghans.  During the summer, it’s just too hot to have an afghan draped across my lap.  I could make granny squares, but I really hate sewing them together.  I much prefer an afghan all in one piece. 

I thought I would share some that I have made previously.  All are crocheted.  Some are my own design.  Some are favorite patterns from other designers.

Oodles of Turtles


One of the more effective displays at craft shows has been a line-up of turtles, in all different color combinations.  I’d like to do that again at Fall shows, so I’ve been busy making oodles of turtles.   Take a look!

 All my turtles are made with acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester iferfill, so they can washed when needed.  There are no small parts that can be pulled off, causing a potential choking hazard.    



Most of these guys are made with worsted weight yarn.  They average about 6 1/2 inches tall.  For a few I used baby yarn, in dk weight, so they came out about 4 inches tall.  

 All are currently available in my Daffodil Corner Etsy shop.  The turtle pattern was designed by my good friend Sue Harnach.  A version of the pattern can purchased at

One More Day to the Show

The Big Crafty is now less than a day away.  Here’s what I have accomplished in the past few days:

  • All inventory logged, tagged and packed into plastic tubs for transport to the show
  • All the table covers are clean and packed into their plastic tub
  • All display materials such as wooden trays and baskets are packed
  • Got starting cash from the bank
  • Camera with extra batteries ready to go
  • Packed business cards, holder, calculator, pens, paper, tape, twisty ties, lint remover, order book, scissors into the ‘junk basket’

This afternoon I loaded the car and deactivated all the OOAK items that were listed in my Etsy shop.  I updated my shop announcement as well.

I also made something new especially for this show:  crocheted flower pins.  These are great worn on a jacket or pinned to a hat.  I took a few quick snaps to share:

I’ll beback next week to give you an update on how the show went.

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